Youtube won't play videos on Firefox or Chromium

Hi, Just started using Calculate and it’s going pretty well so far. However, I can’t get Youtube to play videos at all. With Firefox it shows a blank video window followed by the buffering icon, but the sound plays OK; with Chromium it shows the first few video frames but then won’t proceed any further, and again the sound plays OK. Don’t know if there is any library or program I’m missing…

My hardware is AMD Ryzen 4650GE with AMD Vega Graphics 8.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Does the liveusb version work fine?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, Youtube from the liveusb plays without issue.

cl-setup-video --video list
choose your video

That shows amdgpu has been selected, which I presume is correct.

A bit more info: everything seems to function in terms of the desktop compositing. Even the video preview when you hover over the thumbnail plays OK.

Decided the quickest thing to do was to reinstall Calculate. This time around both Chromium and Firefox play videos OK. Thanks.