Wireless problem

I just downloaded the ISO of the latest ISO weekly image. I am not able to connect to Wireless…The Network manager detects all the networks but is not able to establish connection …In fact , it appears it does not even attempt to connect to the chosen network

I am using Ralink DM-125 wireless adapter to connect to wireless. There was no problem in GNOME version of 11.6 and it connected beautifully.

I use WPA encrypted network… When I click the applet it shows the dialog box , when I enter the passkey there is no effect ,The window disappears and when I click the applet , the usual messages like -“Activating Wlan”“Configuring Interface”,“Connection Established” does not appear…

Hi Vikram,

I have the same issue, I use D-Link DWA-125 with WPA. I tried a lot of distros with KDE 4.6 (many LiveCD) and non of them had workable networkmanager with my equipment. And the same behavior I found in CLD. But WICD works perfectly. Since I don’t need any VPN related features in the networkmanager, the WICD suits my needs just fine.