wifi b43xx, Does not work after update to kernel 3.0.4

I update the system today. The kernel update to 3.0.4. But after rebooting the system. My wifi does’t work

My wifi is Dell mini 1520, which is supposed to work with Broadcom 43xx kernel driver. I tried

module-rebuild -X rebuild


emerge net-wireless/broadcom-sta

but nothing works.

The info during emerging is as follows,

* CONFIG_B43: should not be set. But it is.
* CONFIG_SSB: should not be set. But it is.

Hope to get some help here.


Hello, can you try this ? It can help you.

Thanks for ur reply. I tried this, it does not work. I tried to build the wl.ko file. But Calculate can not compile it.

I tried again. It works for a while. After rebooting the system. I have to redo everything to make the wireless work again. Any suggestion. THX