Where is my Mirror ?

I am far more comfortable with the package maintainance systems for Debian, Slackware, and Arch.
However as I use Portage, I become happier and more familiar with Portage.
That being said I have a question that I can not find an answer for…

I have a New Install of CLD, downloaded from gatech.edu in the U.S.A.
During the past two weeks I have twice performed
emerge -uDN world*

But I don’t see in my /etc/make.conf OR /var/lib/layman/make.conf which mirrors are being used…

Where is that indicated? Should I want to change that setting

Source packages downloaded from the mirrors listed in ebuild-file for each package. Binary packages are loaded with one of the three mirrors, to which we have access to the update.

The list of available binary mirrors there /etc/make.conf.

Current binary repository is set in the profile. Example for CLD 64 bit - /var/lib/layman/calculate/profiles/calculate/desktop/CLD/amd64/make.defaults

Profile path can be found on the link `ls -la /etc/make.profile`.

Thank You

As indicated the default mirror is in Kazakhstan. That is workable but I am thinking that I could get a speed improvement for updates by using the gatech.edu. I downloaded the CLD from that University and it is a mirror.
I realize that there are some priority packages from Calculate that are only available from the Russian mirrors.
Perhaps there is a method to configure my make.conf to allow most packages to come through gatech.edu mirrors.
As Kazkhstan is on the opposite side of the Earth from my East Coast U.S.A location.

Any advice as to a configuration ?

After assembling the new packages we unload them on the mirror and simultaneously update the Portage and Calculate overlay. When you update Portage, you have access to those updates mirrors, to which we have access to upload files.

We can give gatech.edu binary packages, but the mirror will download them once or twice a day. If you regularly perform the update, you may not be available binary packages and you have to compile them yourself.

This refers to the binary packages. If you are compiling the package, you use the mirror without restrictions worldwide.

As soon as we have an agreement with any hosting company to provide themselves with the ability to mirror using rsync to upload files to it, we will start to use it.

Any word on when an agreement might be reached with a U.S.A hosting mirror using rsync ?

At the moment we do not solve this problem. Most providers mirrors are updated crown without the possibility of remotely upload files.

Please define " updated crown"

I meant updates at predetermined intervals. Mirrors are usually updated 1-2 times a day.

Ok Thank You