What's New on Calculate Linux (Feb 2013)

A bit of news on what’s going on in here…

New Calculate Utilities 3.1.3

Since v3.1.3, Calculate Utilities will have a new approach to updating config files, rewriting them on critical moments only. This means when your system has just been installed or when the host has joined a domain. And once the files have been updated, our brand new analog of dispatch-conf prompts for yes or no before actually applying changes.

udev now supports new network interface naming. Though regular naming was said to be supported as well, our testers have come across problems such as instability in naming, devices spontaneously changing names, etc. That’s why we chose to use new network names that fully depend on hardware and are slot-bound.

We’ve been adding new functions to templates, too: print(), warning() and error() now provide printing functionality. These are our first step to introducing interactive templates, that would not only do configuration job, but handle logics as well.

Calculate Linux Desktop GNOME 2.32

Mastering GNOME 3 has never been an easy trick; the longer we live and see, the less it resembles a classical desktop. After a number of polls, we decided to turn back to GNOME 2, to be replaced with MATE later.

Yep, that’s it: please meet Calculate Linux Desktop GNOME (Stage 20130214) with GNOME 2.32.


Calculate Linux Desktop KDE 4.10.0

A new Calculate Linux Desktop featuring KDE 4.10.0 (Stage 20130214) is available, and rest assured, we’ll keep polishing it.


continue gnome 2, gnome 3 is a joke!