what is a good ISO to USB writer?

I like opensuses imagewriter, but I cant find it with emerge -S

Any idea how to install it?

KDE users swear by k3b, others (such as me) use xfburn

Otherwise use the command line:

1. insert target USB stick

2. type: dmesg and look for the link to the newly-inserted device - sdb for example

3. type: dd if= of=/dev/sdb


!! BE VERY CAREFUL to get the path correct such as /dev/sdb !! The dd command does not ask for confirmation and it does wipe the target.

You need to be root to run dd.


No other option with a gui?

I really like opensuse’s imagewriter a great tool and at Arch available, even in debian testing.

Hi Dirk,
You can search for a replacement, for example Xfburn.

Xfburn burns CDs and DVDs but can’t make bootable, USB drives, maybe I didn’t say that properly.

Try rosa image writer
MUCH MORE SECURE than dd, once happened for me that by mistake I typed wrong last letter of /dev/sd{x} …