What a nice distro!


I would like to express my respect to CLD 11.6 and the team.
On my home PC and my Laptop I use Slackware, before it was OpenSuse. Many times I tried something else but always was back to Slackware.
But recently I saw on Distrawatch an announce about CLD 11.6 release. I run thorough a review and decided to give a try. I booted LiveCD and was really surprised. The Distro has very nice software basket, exactly the same I usually install, the only missing were Kmymoney and Wicd.

In addition, the Distro works very smooth, and has professional look. So I decided to install it on my Laptop and after approximately 30 mins I was already calling to my family via Skype using CLD 11.6 despite I installed x86_64 version (usually I need to install multilibs on Slakware, and it was also not so nice to run it on OpenSuse).

Later on I will try it on my Home PC.

Thank you guys, well done.

Thank you.