We have built a bridge to XMPP/Jabber!


IRC, Matrix and XMPP are now bridged together on Calculate Linux

Use any of IRC, Matrix or XMPP client application to join the Calculate community and start chatting.

There is no point in describing the features of each protocol here, since you do not need to change anything if you are already using them. Just come to our chat room. If you do not use any of the clients that support these protocols, try Matrix.

New Jabber settings

All Jabber users will have to update their account settings and generate a new password. We decided to shorten the Jabber ID to @calculate-linux.org in line with what appears in Matrix. As with Matrix, you do not have to have an account on calculate-linux.org to be able to chat.

This is how you join the Calculate community:

Calculate in IRC

First connect to the Freenode server. Now join as many channels as you like. Here are the main ones:

  • #calculate (English)
  • #calculate-news (news in English - read only)
  • #calculate-fr (French)
  • #calculate-es (Spanish)
  • #calculate-pt (Portuguese)
  • #calculate-ru (Russian)

Calculate in Matrix

Our main chat room in Matrix is +list:calculate-linux.org
You are also welcome at:

Calculate in XMPP/Jabber

And now for Jabber conferences:

  • chat@muc.calculate-linux.org (English)
  • news@muc.calculate-linux.org (news in English - read only)
  • chat-fr@muc.calculate-linux.org (French)
  • chat-es@muc.calculate-linux.org (Spanish)
  • chat-pt@muc.calculate-linux.org (Portuguese)
  • chat-ru@muc.calculate-linux.org (Russian)

Our rules

(there are only two of those:)

  • Respect your fellow Calculators.
  • No dirty language please.

Need to learn more?

We have been preparing all necessary manuals on configuring bridges, as well as on setup of Matrix and Jabber servers in Calculate Linux, to be added to the Calculate Wiki.