We are on Telegram now

Welcome to the Telegram Calculate Linux channel!

When we think communication, we think privacy, practicable features and no ads. Telegram is all this indeed.

We know that many Calculate users are not or little present on social networks. But Telegram is not yet another network, it is a messenger that can be used as a network: no need to have a Facebook or Google Plus account to stay in touch. While offering rich functionality, it is fast and really, really easy to use.

Our community on Telegram is multi-language and includes 25 groups, among which those (new born) for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking users. Here you will find Calculate news, manuals screenshots, videos, links to articles and overviews, and more. Feel free to ask your questions, but also to chat here, anytime!

Telegram is available on all platforms. To install it in Calculate Linux, run: “emerge net-im/telegram-desktop-bin”. To use Telegram on your Android or iPhone, check these out: Google Play, App Store. To get to the official Calculate Linux channel, search for @calculate_linux or simply follow the link: https://t.me/calculate_linux.

See your on Telegram! :wink: