usb persistence

A friend advise me for your distro (she knows i love rolling distro, infact i have opensuse 12.1 with tumbleweed reposistory activated on a hard disk partition and pclinuxos on a persistent usb, installed like if installed on a hd, both kde); my question is if calculate too can be installed on a usb with persistence and which can be the right way to apply it in calculate. Thanks in advance for your attention. :slight_smile:

Of course, you can install on your hdd, usb-hdd and usb-flash. To burn an ISO to flash, run the command:

dd if=/cld.iso of=/dev/sdb

Instead of ‘sdb’ should be your device.

You can boot from the livecd and install on a flash drive using the console installer cl-install:

cl-install -d /dev/sdb1

In the second case will be used by the file system is fat32.

Thanks; just to be sure: after the installation you have indicated to me, the usb in which is installed calculate will keep my custom configurations (like wallpaper, desktop icons, new installed applications and whatever), like if calculate is installed in a classical way on a hard disk? Maybe it’s exactly what you was intending, but i want to be sure, cause my english it’s still to improving… :slight_smile:

Not if you use dd with the standard ISO image as the argument. If you want to make a copy of your (customized) system, make and use your own ISO instead:

cl-image iso

When the operation is complete, the new image will be saved in /var/calculate/linux. You will be able to pass it as the argument to the dd command, etc, as Alexander explained.

Note that this will only work if your base system was installed in builder mode (which it cannot be, for example, if it is on several partitions). Please have a look here.

Besides, if configuration files are all you need to be the same on your new USB system, you can just copy them all from your /home directory on your computer to the /home directory on the USB Flash you want to install Calculate to.

Hello, may I raise this topic again, please?

The persistence for files and settings doesn’t work for me even if I install the system via the calculate installer (graphical in 12.0.2). I get just Live USB drive. Settings, files etc are not saved after next boot.

Does the persistence enable only if using console installer? Or the persistence is not implemented here, then, is there a way to make it?

Persistence not implemented at this time. Yu can try install on USB drive as on usb-hdd. Partition your usb-flash and set “–type usb-hdd” when install.

It is possible to boot into the persistence-mode on LiveDVD/LiveUSB preserving partition or folder /home on usb drive. See

It would be good if persistence for USB would be implemented.

Some of the reasons:

  • custom configuration for the user using public (or other) computers

  • Gentoo Live DVD has it (although it is not implemented in the last version)

  • Sabayon doesn’t have it!!!

  • I have tried to make a full install on USB - installation got to 100 %, but the window didn’t shut down (neither did I get the message that the installation is complete). I have waited for 20 minutes, but nothing happened. I closed it down and booted the USB. I got GRUB error since the installation was not complete.

  • Live version + persistance takes much less space on USB than a full Install

@Yuri Blohin: “Persistence not implemented at this time.”

Hopefully, someday down the road, you will implement it. :)))

Very good Distro, btw.

Persistence will be implemented in future releases (after version 13 will be released)

We are at version 15.17. How is idea about USB persistence going on? Or you abandoned it altogether?

Creator of Easy2boot said to me that it is currently hard to implement persistance with Calculate with his software, so unless you have any better idea, it won’t be possible using it with CL.