I was wondering if there is a way to launch urxvt so that it auto-place itself on the desktop. What is mean by this is, if I launch urxvt and then launch another urxvt it will go to a different part of the screen. Hope i explain well for someone to help. Thanks

What system are you use? You may run urxvt with parameter -geometry

 # run urxvt 80x30 at left top corner
urxvt 80x30+0+0

I’m using Calculate 10.4 xfce. I would like have urxvt to automatically place itself just as how xfce terminal would.

Example: when you launch xfce terminal it first goes to the top left, then when you launch another xfce terminal it would go to the right of the first xfce terminal. I was wondering if this is possible for urxvt.

You can only set position urxvt by -g parameter:

 # left top
urxvt -g 80x25+0+0
 # right top
urxvt -g 80x25-0+0
 # right top
urxvt -g 80x25-0+0
 # left bottom
urxvt -g 80x25+0-0
 # right bottom
urxvt -g 80x25-0-0

XFCE cann’t use auto position for urxvt.

Ok thanks for your reply.