Upgrading kernel does nothing

Was eager to try to update it the calculate way, since the templates exist, but it didn’t work last time I tried (all black screen, no errors). This time I’m on a new install.

It built the kernel (-minimal), updated the symlink but didn’t update grub, and neither did cl-boot-setup (or whatever it’s called).

Which kernel did you tried to update ?
Just follow this tutorial

The stable version.
I did try, but running cl-kernel after a clean install wielded: * Kernel directory /usr/src/linux has no full sources

I tried to update to the stable release, 4.1.12. Before this clean install, I’d just get a black screen upon boot and I’d have to remove the grub entries associated with the new kernel. After the clean install, grub is not touched, and running cl-setup-boot doesn’t help either.