Updating from 11.15 to 12 and Questions about AIX / How Close Calc is to Gentoo

hey guys

Basically, would the process in the updating guide update from 11.15 to 12. including kernel upgrades and ontop of that

I want to ask how close calculate is to linux. im assuming calculate is an overlay. but what i want, is a distro which can allow me to skip the CLI installation of gentoo and give me the basic desktop and emerge, so that i can learn the ins and outs of gentoo

And so far calculate is great. and achieving that, but i noticed AIX and overlay commands, so i was wondering if theres a way i can make the distro mainly use emerge, and get the distro as close to a gentoo installation as possable and without to many complications if possable

btw, im not having a go at the distro, i want to make that clear. i love what you guys have done, you saved me so much time from doing a gentoo installation

I just want to know the best way to go about operating as if it was a fresh gentoo install + applications. using emerge, make.conf, etc

Ofcourse, i dont want to have to rebuild and loose all the programs you guys have added, i use half of them. so that would be a pain, i just want to be able to operate as if it was a gentoo installation as i said


In fact, Calculate is a preconfigured Gentoo. Thus the update procedure, unless you update in a separate partition, is the same: eix-sync && emerge -uDN world, then dispatch-conf if needed.

If you want a minimal Calculate configuration, try the Scratch version, CLS. It only includes some basics needed to get started (X + Wireless + Openbox); you can install any software you want ontop. Besides, you can reset the CALCULATE flag if you want to get rid of some default applications and keep using the rest; see the make.conf file for more details (but this in mainly useful on the CLD, CLDG and CLDX versions, because CLS is already pretty bare). As for refining your package settings with the make.conf and /etc/portage/package.* files, this will work on any version, even with a binary profile: any package you specify custom settings for will be compiled with them, while those you don’t touch will come with the default settings, and in binaries if a binary profile is what you choose.

Generally, any Gentoo commands are bound to work for Calculate.

As for kernel updates, binary kernels will be updated automatically with emerge, but for non-binary ones you will have to run module-rebuild -X rebuild once the kernel is updated and/or recompiled, to rebuild the modules affected by the change.

thanks for the speedy response, i am setting up the Scratch version as we speak, but question. you menchoned binary kernels, how can i tell if i have a binary kernel, because frankly, the kernel isnt a big nit picker for me. the one thing i dont enjoy is kernel stuff

Id be happy with a binary one that just works, optimisation isnt a big deal to me. so im curious what sort of kernel the CLS comes with

Also, Whats the best way to setup kde from the scratch version ( i like the KDM login manager with openbox ) , will i have to add flags, or can i just emerge / eix kde and get the full version of kde with default programs
( not the distro version, the default kde setup with the default programs )

also the guide states that the CLS version has an option for a gui frontend with cl-install-gui but it doesnt work, i am using the latest 12 beta

Binaries come now by default everywhere, including in CLS… enjoy :slight_smile:

I personally am not a KDE user, so I can’t recommend anything precise… I guess emerging KDE meta packages will install the environment, but if you will be happy with the result remains a big question. However, you should always check for flags with equery u your_package before installing big and multifunctional software.

The latest Stages use cl-console-gui for installation and system setup ! Have a look here

thanks so much for the help, im such a bother xD

Not at all, your’re welcome:)