Update xfce4-power-manager

Not so long ago upower stable version was bumped to 0.99*, which breaks API and thus, xfce4-power-manager is obsolete.

Actually i have own ebuild for 1.4.3, built successfuly (at least with gcc:5*).
Ebuild itself is backported =PN-1.2.0::calculate, see attachement. Patches, shipped with it, don’t work for 1.4.3 (or already applied).

Why not others: 1.3 and 1.5 branches are marked as development by xfce devs theirself.
1.4 and 1.6 are not, but both 1.6.0 and 1.5.2, which are the main gentoo portage tree, fail to build with syntax-related troubles.

What is interesting, in gentoo portage tree they are masked because don’t show icon, but it is not bug: icon is replaced by more functional applet at least for xfce. Yet, 1.4.3 exactly has applets for both xfce-panel and lxpanel (in later icon returns, replacing lxpanel applet).

UPDATE: latest version 1.4.4, but it is not mentioned in NEWS for later versions. Returns tray icon, few more bug fixes.

*From NEWS:*

New stable release of xfce4-power-manager.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
 - Handle autotools m4 stuff properly
 - Plug a memory leak (Bug #11538)
 - Add support for ConsoleKit2
 - Correctly check for hibernation
   permissions (bug #11529)
 - Use sysctl(3) to get or set brightness
   level on FreeBSD and DragonFly systems
 - Light Locker Integration (Bug #11488)
 - Add gmux_backlight as supported
   interface (bug #11406)
 - Reformat code in xfpm_power_get_property
 - Reformat code in xfpm_power_set_property

* Translation updates:
 Arabic (ar), Asturian (ast), Bulgarian (bg),
 Czech (cs), Danish (da), German (de),
 Spanish (Castilian) (es), Finnish (fi),
 French (fr), Hebrew (he), Hungarian (hu),
 Icelandic (is), Italian (it), Kazakh (kk),
 Korean (ko), Malay (ms), Norwegian Bokmål (nb),
 Dutch (Flemish) (nl), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt),
 Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR), Russian (ru),
 Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Serbian (sr), Thai (th),
 Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk), Chinese (China) (zh_CN).

New stable release of xfce4-power-manager.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
 Harald Judt:
 - Shorten label for system inactivity time (bug #11129)
 - Initially disable DPMS widgets when not handling DPMS
 - Use translated device type for unknown devices (bug #11217)
 Simon P.:
 - Fix for critical battery action (Bug #11237)
 Simon Steinbeiss:
 - Add symlinks for UPS-charged icon (Debian Bug #762500)
 Marcus Overhagen:
 - xrandr brightness: Check for eDP devices too (bug #11308)

Translation updates: Catalan (ca), Czech (cs),
 Danish (da), German (de), English (Australia) (en_AU),
 Spanish (Castilian) (es), French (fr), Italian (it),
 Japanese (ja), Kazakh (kk), Korean (ko), Malay (ms),
 Dutch (Flemish) (nl), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt),
 Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR), Russian (ru),
 Serbian (sr), Thai (th), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk),
 Chinese (China) (zh_CN), Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW).


* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
 - Fix for panel icon not always updating depending on the
   version of UPower in use.
 - Fix handle lid switch with loginD (Bug 11160) Fixed by Simon P.

Translation updates: Czech (cs), Hebrew (he), Polish (pl),
  Serbian (sr), Ukrainian (uk)


* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
 - Conditionally use xfce_dialog_show_help_with_version
 - Add support for lxpanel 0.7+ (Bug 11108)
 - Yves-Alexis Perez fixed the logic of xfconf logind inhibition keys
 - plugin: update desktop file install location
 - plugin: Fix crash when devices (dis)connect
 - Point to versioned help docs
 - Add DragonflyBSD to host check
 - Only use batteries for current charge state that are
   used for power supply
 - fix minor build warnings
 - Sync the brightness slider with blank and DPMS settings
 - plugin: Use the brightness-slider-min-level for the scroll wheel
 - Draw a bubble with a question mark if the device state is unknown
 - Keep blank and DPMS timeout settings in order
 - Fix typos in debug messages
 - Update AppData info about the panel plugins
 - Never try to display the -missing icons
 - Add timestamp for 1.3.2 release to AppData
 - Add trailing colons in labels for Comboboxes and Spinbuttons

Translation updates: Bulgarian (bg), Chinese (China) (zh_CN),
 Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs),
 Dutch (Flemish) (nl), English (Australia) (en_AU),
 Finnish (fi), French (fr), German (de), Indonesian (id),
 Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Kazakh (kk), Malay (ms),
 Norwegian Nynorsk (nn), Polish (pl),
 Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR), Russian (ru),
 Serbian (sr), Thai (th), Ukrainian (uk)

[Please note that this is a development release.]

_.....That is going to be enough, i suppose._

xfce4-power-manager-1.4.3.ebuild (1.8 KB)