Update utilities Calculate Utilities 2.2.21

I am glad to present you an update utilities Calculate. Full list available on the page News. Here I will describe in more detail the main novelties.

Five major innovations Calculate Utilities 2.2.21

# Recently, the use of utilities cl-install to update the configuration of the system is gaining popularity. The command cl-install --live runs on livecd, as well as the first boot. Within a few seconds using templates sets needed to run the configuration files. The option “–live” we have come up with a different purpose (see below), so the new tools of this option is replaced with a more suitable designation “–startup”. So, to restore or modify your system settings, and now will need to perform cl-install --startup.
# This version does not update the settings of a user session at login time. This feature is only stayed at the domain users store their profiles on the server. Templates desktop settings have been divided into two parts, a new variable ac_desktop_live (adjustment dependent on the system configuration settings). This separation allows you to set or update user accounts at startup or the first livecd boot. Of course, if you have already configured user directory without the aid of tools, no changes will be performed. The changes can be waived by editing the file ~/.calculate/ini.env.
# Since the user profile settings no longer need to enter into conversation with kdm/gdm, the new version added initial configuration utilities as root. This can get Midnight Commander, Vim, and other applications.
# For utilities cl-install finally have a man, though still in Russian. We hope to help in the translation. To get help, if you have Russian locale, type man cl-install.
# And finally the most important change. For applications that are present in the bottom of the desktop icons are now created their own start-up. Their names are fixed - “calculate-browser.desktop”, “calculate-mail.desktop” etc. For example when you install the chromium, the templates used to scan for the file and the contents of the parameter “browser” in the file /etc/calculate/ini.env, if there is no file, or parameter is empty or contains “chromium”, the icon will be re-recorded and fixed in package manager for chromium. Because of this icon will be deleted when you delete a package. Lower sockets KDE and Gnome in the new templates now display the new labels. Since in XFCE shortcuts are copied into the user profile, the solution for CLDX have yet to finish. Please note that if you try to create a user session with new tools, the lower socket will not contain any icons. Create icons you can upgrade your system settings cl-install --startup.

New utilities are included in Stage 20110818.