Update: Calculate Utilities 2.2.25 Released

Calculate Utilities were updated to v2.2.25. For this new version, we made 22 fixes to improve functionality. Those were mostly bound for Calculate Linux 11.9.

The new features are:

  • Calculate Linux now has a hardened version! It is supported by Anthony G. Basile (aka blueness), a Gentoo developer.
  • “Live” templates are no longer supported for the calculate-desktop package. Using two separate template versions would allow using cache for the ‘guest’ user settings; however, since nearly everything changes (screen resolution, language, paths to files, etc.), we had to abandon this solution. Instead, two template versions are quite happily used in calculate-install, thus saving time at the primary setup.
  • Console colorschemes for CLD/CLDG and CLDX were both set to DarkPastel.
  • ‘Custom’ files were created in /etc/portage/package.keywords(use,unmask), so that the autounmask utility runs correctly for emerge.
  • Numerous changes were made in the English localization.
  • The development of Calculate 2.2 was freezed; only bug fixes will be released from now on. We are currently developing Calculate 3.

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