Understanding the groups!

Its been very useful to have Distro like this,I have been able to join and authenticate Windows+CLD Client with CDS.
I want to know what all groups that are predefined in CDS and the purpose which they solve if we make any user a member of it.
For Example:-Wheel group members can have access to root privileged Apps by entering the root password.
What are the other groups we have? and what will be their immediate effect if any user is a member of it.
A detail list is desirable.


List of major groups:

  • wheel - to get root privileges using the “su”;
  • audio - provides access to the sound card;
  • cdrom - access to CD / DVD drive;
  • video - access to a TV-tuner;
  • cdrw - Burn to CD / DVD-discs;
  • usb - access to the mp3-players, flash drives;
  • plugdev - mount USB-devices;
  • games - access to games;
  • lp - access to a scanner;
  • uucp - modem access.

Thanks for ur reply Alex really appreciate!:slight_smile:

  1. Do this groups are created by default when we set up CDS or we have to create them or configure them?
  2. Also i would like that CDS should be able to restrict access to certain Applications and tools,
    or i would like that some of the ldap users(not all) should not be able to see applications in their
    Menu only limited or authorized users should be able to see and work on it .How can we do and control that
    from CDS.


Group limit user access to devices. Create a similar group in unix LDAP servers in CDS and you’ll be able to give rights to groups of users.

Menu to launch applications can be removed. Instead, you can customize the bottom of the application, based on the needs of the user. Ability to run programs remain, but the user will be able to use it, only if he is well versed in the system.

HI Alex.

How can we customize the bottom of the application as you have mentioned.(I don’t understand).Please explain
as to how can i restrict certain applications from CDS it self to take effect on all CLD’s.(Or do i have to do that
on each CLD’s in my CDS Network.)?

Pranav :<)