unavailable applications?

1. I ran: eix-remote update
I only got one overlay, Gentoo experimental to update?
Everything else gave this messsage:

problems arised with cachefile _var_lib_layman_yoreek.eix
/tmp/eix-remote.CUE7uOdN/1/_var_lib_layman_yporti.eix was created with an incompatible eix-update:
It uses database format 101 (current is 28).
Please run ‘eix-update’ and try again.

It’s just one particular but they all say this.

What is the difference in database format and ‘why’ is it cropping up here if everything is up to date?

I can’t get the games overlay or enlightenment overlay at all? Is it in the profile set against these

Cairo Dock is missing? Shouldn’t this be a standard application in Gentoo?

It’s been as far as I know a fairly stable project? Other Cairo applications come up under eix ‘search’.

Hope someone can explain the issues and how I can correct them or get the overlays I want. I prefer not to add them if they don’t have what I want and eix is supposed to be able to ‘see’ them and tell you which overlay has the application you seek.

I’m otherwise very happy with CLDX, but am somewhat disturbed by the inability to locate what I think are pretty basic applications and of course inability to see what’s in certain overlays before I decide if I
wish to add them. (Yes, there are other ways to find out what’s in them but the eix tool should work I think. So maybe I’m missing something.)

Update app-portage/eix to 0.26.0 version.

Thanks for your reply! Appreciate it.

I did check that. If eix were an older version. I just did a world update.

When I installed, this was Calculate ‘live’ build 5/25. So first thing I
did before adding anything was upgrade.

In fact it now has Calculate 12 wallpaper on the GDM screen. :slight_smile:

I’ll double check it to try to find the latest ‘eix’.

Found the layman with Cairo Dock. (apparently isn’t in the ‘main’ portage tree)

did a quick emerge -pv eix

It insists on installing app-portage/eix-0.23.10-r10::calculate

How do I ‘make’ it install the version you suggested? Actually, have been trying to ‘figure’ that out.

I must be putting in the ‘wrong’ line in keywords I have been unable to make it ‘pull’ the specific
version I want. (ran into this while trying to emerge Cairo dock)

I know one is a ‘direct’ emerge command. I don’t want that because updating it’ll go back and pull the old one again or the lesser version I believe.

What’s the command structure for keeping a particular version in /etc/package/keywords ?

Thank you for your assistance.