unable to install Directory Server

Hellow to all,
i am trying to install Directory server but with no luck. In fact i try to install Directory Server on ESXi Server as a virtal installation. When the boot-cd starts and i try to run cl-install i get a message saying that i must add the -d switch which is for informing the installation procedure where to install the packages, but without any luck. I also try to run the cl-install-gui and i can not find it anywhere.
Has anyonw tried to install CDS on a virtual environment before.
Any help would be nice.

Kind regards
Konstantinos Plastiras

In the Calculate Directory Server no Xorg server. Available only console installer - cl-install. To complete the installation, just type the command to specify one or more partitions. The utility cl-install is not able to separate disk partitions. Use one of the utilities cfdisk, fdisk or gdisk.

The easiest way to install the system on partition /dev/sda2, run:

cl-install -d /dev/sda2