TuxOnIce in Calculate Linux

TuxOnIce is an enhanced alternative for hibernation in Linux kernels. And hibernation, let me remind you the basics, is powering down a computer while retaining its state by writing down to the hard disk.


TuxOnIce hibernation has several advantages:

  • LZO/LZF compression for the hibernated image;
  • asynchronous I/O and preemptive reading;
  • multistream compression;
  • hibernation can be configured as for writing down to several swap partitions or just to a file.

To be able to use TuxOnIce in Calculate Linux, please do the following:

  • Update the Calculate Utilities and the kernel; you can just update the world to keep it simple: emerge -uaDN world.
  • If you have a swap partition, just run cl-setup-boot.
    How big should your swap partition be? It is usually recommended to allot twice as much space as the RAM size if your RAM is under 4GiB, and just somewhat more if you have 4GiB of RAM or more. Considered standard available disks spaces, we recommend alloting 1.5 as much for swap as your RAM makes.
  • If you have no swap partition, you will have to create one, put its UUID to /etc/fstab and only then run cl-setub-boot.

Since stage 20130401, TuxOnIce comes by default with Calculate Linux Desktop and will be configured automatically at installation time, provided that you have swap.