Greetings. I’m a Calculate noob. I’ve been distro hopping as of late looking for a new one to install on a new box. So, I’m running the 64 bit version of Calculate 11.9 live. I am pretty happy with it. Both sound and video work without issue using Skype. Chromium is working well. Lancelot menu is there and I’m happy.

I have learned that I can use emerge to install and search for software. But, one of my requirements in looking for a new distribution is TuxGuitar. I could not find it in the repositories. I tried using the binaries for the 64 bit version from their website, but it requires Java which I could not find using emerge, either. http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/download.html

I was able to get the x86 Excelsior JET Native version to run. Basically, it extracts to a directory and runs directly from there. But, I have found that the Gervill synthesizer sounds best. It is included in Java SDK, which I could not find with emerge.

Now to the question. Can anyone help me find a way to get the 64 bit version of TuxGuitar working with Gervill (Java SDK) using Calculate?

Thank you in advance.

Using http://gpo.zugaina.org/ find overlay with tuxguitar, add a new overlay - # layman-a bircoph, update the database eix - # eix-update, unmask the latest version - # emerge-autounmask-write tuxguitar-1.2-r1 , save changes to files - # etc-update, installing the - # emerge tuxguitar-1.2-r1.
This sequence of actions, I do not install this program.

I appreciate your post.

I got to the point where I type “emerge --autounmask-write tuxguitar-1.2-r1” and I received this error:
!!! ‘tuxguitar-1.2-r1’ is not a valid package atom.
!!! Please check ebuild(5) for full details.

I do not know how to react to this message or check ebuild(5).

Furthermore, I see that I can download the .ebuild from the page you sent me to, but I don’t know what to do with it.

The first step must be added overlay to the system. I described all the steps. Check the previous step - #layman -l, in the list should be an overlay “bircoph

I’m sorry, when I say “I got to the point where”, it meant that I did all previous steps prior. So, I did:

layman -a bircoph
layman -l (and saw bircoph)

then, I received the error after running “emerge --autounmask-write tuxguitar-1.2-r1”

Check overlay - #eix tuxguitar
Open a irc client on #calculate channel.