Turning 11

On June 6, 2007 the first ever Calculate Linux release was made available for download. Ten years back , it was a stage4 tarball, to be called by a command-line Perl script named “calculate”. And no means to know what the system would look like on your computer before you actually installed it! KDE 3 was the only desktop environment available. Back then, CL was downloaded at a modest rate of 100 per month.

It came monthly indeed at first, so that the version name contained two numbers (YY.MM). Later we added a third number to pinpoint an important version, as in 17.12.2, released in [December 2017 + 2 moths = ] February 2018.

Calculate Linux is what all of us use in Calculate Ltd. It seems a good testing solution for better usability, hardware and software compatibility. As the project is progressing and involving more people, we have to devise new priorities. Much has changed in 11 years, from one server in a local network to multiple servers inside and outside Russia.

All CL flavours are and will be distributed under a free software licence without any restriction of usage. They are totally open source, and their source code may be viewed and modified at your convenience. We are also dedicated to expanding a friendly, sympathetic and efficient community. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for choosing (again) Calculate Linux.