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The future for Calculate?

I’ve always been a big supporter of the Russian distros ROSA, Alt and Calculate. It’s no secret that ROSA is struggling big time and Alt looks to be heading in the same direction. This is no reflection on the products but more to do with a combination of Covid and general economics. Can anyone here suggest what the future might be for Calculate? Can we expect a continuation with further new releases or is this project likely to stagnate too?

Чем стагнирующий, чого не хватает? Какие ВЫПУСКИ - калька это ролинг релиз (типа бесконечный)
Утилиты обновляются, улучшаются, развиваются. Что еще надо.
Если продвигать типа в госструктуры - так возмитесь и платите копеечку разрабам

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Да не, чел имел в виду, что альт и роса стагнируют, вот он и боится - не грозит ли подобная ситуация кальке )))

РОЛИНГ стагнированть НЕ МОЖЕТ!
МОЖЕТ только ГЛЮЧИТЬ. ЧТО и наблюдается после перехода на 21

ну новое обычно требует отладки, это нормально

It’s pretty rude that people respond to this post in Russian. Obviously they understand what op is talking about, so why not respond in language that op used?
And it is obvious that devs don’t give a damn about making this distro popular. It is after all a private company developed distro,(Calculate LTD, a cardboard packaging company) that caters to it’s own employees and it’s own needs.
@PrimeSuspect I share your concerns about this great distro . Unfortunately I don’t see future for users like you and me.

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Exactly. Google translate is only useful up to a point but it’s obvious there are only smart comments here instead of the answer I had asked and hoped for. It’s also pretty dumb to suggest just because something is a rolling release it can go on for ever. Sabayon went down this road and ended up just as dead but not until a lot of folks had broken their systems trying to update it.

I guess the options are:

  1. The Calculate development cycle will carry on as it always has done with updated components and periodic new releases.
  2. Calculate components will continue to be updated but it’s unlikely there will be any new releases.
  3. We don’t really give a toss so if you come here next month and the website’s gone then you have your answer.
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