The Calculate user community is now in a Federation!

You said federation?

A federation, also known as a federated, or a distributed network, is indeed a global social networking service. It consists of nodes that communicate. Each of them is a software instance which supports a distributed social networking protocol. Technically, Matrix and Peertube are also part federated, or distributed services.

In 2018, W3C issued a normalized ActivityPub distributed networking protocol, a decision that resulted in many platforms adopting it. Mastodon may be the most popular among them, featuring 2,689 nodes, or servers populated by 2,138,234 users, and they must be almost 3 mn now across all distributed social media.

What are all these people? They are mostly IT professionals who, for the sake of creativity and independence, remain anonymous on the network while maintaining full control over the information they publish once their server is up and running.

A few words may be not enough to describe the advantages of distributed social networks, but even at first glance, how about subscribing to a YouTube (Peertube) channel, commenting, liking and unliking, making fun and socializing while still being on Twitter (Mastodon)? You can share your data anytime and even officially move from one server to another.

Each admin defines rules and you choose whether you stay or quit, but be sure you would never, ever get banned on Mastodon for having posted a video with radio playing in the background.


Calculate Linux users have their Mastodon server now!
For your convenience, we put it in a new domain,

Follow us for news, but also for some former Telegram groups that we plan on moving to Mastodon with improved search by tag rather than search on forum functionality.
To register on Calculate.Social, use your Calculate login and email . Later on, this should allow to associate user accounts on the site to those of the network, to better handle spam and, of course, to bring more like-minded people together.

Community Code of Conduct

Help us make the Calculate community enjoyable for all members. No vulgarity, no adult content, no illegal materials - and no spam please.

We shall keep these guidelines up-to-date on the More page:

See you in the Federation!

Welcome to Calculate.Social!