Texas Instruments CC1120 module does not receive upon software upgrade

I am using this development board by Texas Instruments with a CC1120 module(datasheet: http://www.kynix.com/uploadfiles/pdf8827/CC1120RHBR.pdf ) hooked up on it.

I have been using the TrxEB RF PER Test Software (Rev. C) on it and I have been able to transmit packets to another module in the RX Sniff Mode successfully. However, today I upgraded to the CC112x Software Examples (Rev. E) software which allows me to directly enter RX Sniff Mode (there’s a separate app for it) instead of having to navigate through a menu. Both of these firmware can be found here (scroll down to the Software section).

Note: Rev. E firmware is a bit difficult to compile because of it’s folder hierarchy, I have uploaded a cleaner version of it here.

The transmitter is working fine and I can see transmissions at 868 MHz using a lab spectrum analyzer, however, the packets do not show up at the receiver end.

I had issues transmitting at high frequencies earlier so I switched to 434 MHz in Rev. C firmware (which had a menu). However, I must change some registers in order to do the same in Rev. E firmware.

I have been searching around and the registers that control the transmission frequency appear to be controlled by the following set of values:

//Register Settings for different frequency bands.
static uint8 freqSettings[5][3] =
{0x69,0xF1,0xFF}, // 169.5125 MHz
{0x6C,0x80,0x00}, // 434 MHz
{0x6C,0x80,0x00}, // 868 MHz
{0x72,0x60,0x00}, // 915 MHz
{0x77,0x60,0x00} // 955 MHz
I’m surprised that 434 MHz and 868 MHz use the same values (these values are from the Rev. C firmware. Then there is this:

//Band select setting for LO divider
static uint8 cc112xFsCfgs[5] =
0x0A, // 169 MHz
0x04, // 434 MHz
0x02, // 868 MHz
0x02, // 915 MHz
0x02, // 955 MHz
Unfortunately, the register this array controls is CC112X_FS_CFG which is set to 0x12 by default in the newer firmware, a value that matches neither 434 MHz nor 868 MHz.

Anyone who has successfully been able to transmit at a different frequency using CC1120 wireless module?

If something breaks after update you can mask newer packages version, and use previous one until It will be fixed. For example, I saw that I couldn’t install new keepass 2.37 due to building that fails (It has been reported to package maintainer) so I masked It until being resolved.

cat /etc/portage/package.mask/custom 

Or you can install certain version of package, then mask newer ones so It won’t be updated on system update.

Hi Yalan,

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