Template error during grub setup

error when Updating my boot setup using console-gui

The boot paramaters are being configured… Failed
Creating Host-Only initramfs …
Host-Only initramfs has been created
Configuring the grub
Failed to execute: /var/lib/layman/calculate/profiles/templates/3.3/3_ac_install_live/1-merge/sys-boot/grub/update-grub.new
Installing the bootloader… OK
Changing the I/O schedular… OK
Boot parameters configured!

I have had this error each time I try to update my boot setup after kernel upgrade for a while now & it will not update grub for the new kernel,really would like to fix this.
Much appreciated

OK, first I removed the older “update-grub.new” which got rid of the errors as it updated a new one, but it still would not upgrade my new kernel to grub,cfg,
I then decided to try manully using “grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg” & that did the trick, it 1st complained “/etc/default/grub: line 60: GRUB_THEME: command not found” So I chose a different “GRUB_THEME=”/boot/grub/themes/starfield/theme.txt"
I would still like the “boot” option in cl-console to work though as I had searched the web for answers a number of times in past to no avail.
AnyWay just glad to have my latest kernel loaded as I had accidentilly unmerged all my kernels in one hit when I tried to unmerge just one of them as I forgot to choose which kernel to unmerge option.