System Locale en_AU.utf8

Hi Guys,
I’m running cldm on one computer and cldx on another. On my cldm system I have successfully set the default system locale to the Australian locale en_AU.utf8 by adding it to /etc/locale.gen and then running locale-gen to generate the locales, and finally by editing /usr/bin/kwrite /etc/env.d/02locale and then running env-update ; source /etc/profile. Although this has worked for cldm I have found that on my cldx system whenever I log in the system local is set back to en_US.utf8. I noted in an earlier post that someone was experiencing a similar problem because their locale was not recognized in Caclulate Utilities. I suspect that may be the cause, or have I overlooked something? I need the Australian locale settings, not just for the spelling, but also for the date format and default page size, both of which are different in the en_US.utf8 locale.

Hi Tom,
We will add support for the Australian locale.

Thank you Alexander. It is very much appreciated. BTW - Very nice work on both cldm and cldx.