System Crashes While Watching Videos Since Last Update

Updated over the weekend to the new profile.
2 System crashes since the update while watching videos.
One with smplayer and the other in my web browser.
Using nouveau driver.
Pressing keys on the keyboard has no effect.
The mouse pointer moves but clicking mouse buttons has no effect.
I can ssh in from another computer on the network.
Killing programs has no effect on the problem.
Killing the X server has no effect.
Only rebooting seems to resolve the problem temporarily.
I don’t see any messages in the logs that gives a clue to what is happening.
Everything worked without problems before the update.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-Core Processor
Video: NVIDIA GM107 [GeForce GTX 750 Ti]

From what I can see this is obviously a hardware-related problem and realisticly there can only be 3 possible reasons:

  1. It is a bug in the kernel - check if you have updated it recently and try to go back to the previous one if that is the case. The problem happend to me before and it is not so rare especially if your hardware is relatively new and its support in the kernel is not very stable.
  2. A bug in your X driver. Adressing the issue is the same as for the kernel but you check for X system and driver updates and downgrade and mask them instead.
  3. This is all just a coincidence and this is a purely hardware problem. Maybe your graphics card has over time developed some microcracks or some pads under some chips got loose or some chip is just tired and decided to die. Shit happens to them all the time - the modern ones even seem to bend under its own weight over time. In this case the best option is to switch to VESA video driver and disable hardware acceleration in order to reduce the amount of hardware features in operation and overall thermal stress. This will prolong the cards life for the time you can use to save some money for a new one. If this (after you have checked the options above and you are sure that they are not the ones you have) does not work or even makes things worse then it is clearly a problem somewhere else on the motherboard or in a power supply.

Good luck!

Those are good things to check.

This problem occurred after the upgrade to the 17.1 Profile. There were over 190 packages upgraded. There was some X Server stuff upgraded. If I had to track down which package or combination caused the problem it would have taken a very long time.

I got lucky. The problem has not recurred in several weeks. The problem was intermittent. Every video did not crash the system, only 2 did. My best guess is a subsequent upgrade fixed the problem.