Switching to using the Gentoo 23.0 profile

As of today, Calculate Linux is transitioning from Gentoo 17.1 to 23.0 profile. The update will be available first in the test repositories. Updating from binary packages should not be difficult, just run cl-update or use the graphical update utility. The revision will downgrade sys-devel/binutils, sys-devel/gcc, sys-libs/glibc, dev-build/libtool for mandatory rebuilds.

If you are not using binary packages, you should perform the upgrade as follows:

  1. Update the portages by running: cl-update --sync-only
  2. Make sure you are already using the new profile. This can be done by executing:
    source /var/db/repos/calculate/scripts/ini.sh; ini_repo_dirs. The Calculate profile must reference Gentoo 23.0.
  3. Perform the upgrade in the following sequence:
    emerge -1 --nodeps sys-devel/binutils; emerge -1 --nodeps sys-devel/gcc; emerge -1 --nodeps sys-libs/glibc; emerge -1 --nodeps dev-build/libtool; cl-update

You can read more about migrating to the Gentoo 23.0 profile here.


The script is not zsh compatible, had to use it with bash. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything sh compatible?
This happens with zsh:

# source /var/db/repos/calculate/scripts/ini.sh; ini_repo_dirs 
import_repos_conf:10: command not found: cat
import_repos_conf:12: failed to compile regex: Invalid regular expression
ini_repo_dirs:54: command not found: realpath
get_ini:6: failed to compile regex: Invalid regular expression
cat: '/etc/portage/repos.conf/*': File or directory not found
import_repos_conf:12: failed to compile regex: Invalid regular expression
get_list:9: command not found: realpath

get_list:14: command not found: realpath

Also my prifle still shows 20. Shouldn’t this be 23?

eselect profile show
Current /etc/portage/make.profile symlink:

No. 20 is a calculate profile.
Gentoo profile:
# eselect profile list
[1] default/linux/amd64/17.1 (stable)
[8] default/linux/amd64/17.1/desktop/plasma (exp)
[21] default/linux/amd64/23.0 (stable)
[27] default/linux/amd64/23.0/desktop/plasma (stable)

and a normal output for
# source /var/db/repos/calculate/scripts/ini.sh; ini_repo_dirs

Calculate use bash by default. Use it too.

Ok. But why tell anyone which shell to use, that’s not in the meaning of an operating system.

Yes, for your own purposes, use whatever you want. But for tasks related to (global) system updates, it is better to use the tools on which it is based.

PS: But I think this topic is news - not a flood. All.