switch nvidia to nouveau


I’m new to calculate linux, but I’m already running a Gentoo system on my PC. I installed CLD 17 from the Live DVD and initially used the proprietary Nvidia drivers for my Quadro 4000. After noticing that switching to console leaves me with a black screen, I tried to switch to the nouveau driver (cl-setup-video --video nouveau) and de-installed the nvidia package. However, that still seems to leave me with the nvidia kernel driver (nvidia-drm, nvidia-modeset, nvidia). How can I setup the system to use the nouveau kernel driver or am I thinking in the wrong direction?

Thx for your help


Try to run <<cl-setup-video --video nouveau>>.

Hello Mikhail,

As mentioned in my post, that was the first thing I did. Unfortunately with bad luck. It seems to be related to the initramfs, but I didn’t find any conf, any suggestions?



Try to launch


This tool rebuild the initramfs but, I think cl-setup-video rebuild initramfs too.

cl-setup-boot doesn’t change the situation, so your guess seems right. I’m back on proprietary nvidia drivers for now, trying to get the console back with different kernel settings…

I am a bit of a newbie myself to Gentoo, but Das Gregor (in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfePIq-vO1A) has the following in his make.conf file:

VIDEO_CARDS="nouveau nv"

He explains that a) nv is a backup, and b) that he no longer uses proprietary nvidea drivers as the nouveau driver now works fine. If this suggestion and video do not help, Das is a friendly guy who would probably help you if you contact him.

Cheers, Bill