Successfully upgraded to Plasma & its great.

Just to say that it turned into a pleasure to upgrade my desktop to kde5 Plasma using the cl-console upgrade tool which has become I think the best in the linux world that I have come accross.
I followed parts of the gentoo Plasma 5 upgrade page in their wiki as pointed to in the Calculate Docs on upgrading to Kde5 Plasma except I used the cl-console to upgrade instead of “emerge --ask --changed-use --newrepo --deep world &&
emerge --ask --verbose kde-plasma/plasma-meta” which I did use afterwards to check for anything that might of been missed etc… or to sort of finish it off.
I admit it did look despairing at first when I looked at the blockages etc but it turned out very well & was not as daunting as it first looked as it turned out there was maybe only a few that needed unmerging to clear the blockages.
I do think kde5 is missing some decent themes though,like dekorator.

Good job to the developers of this great distro .

Thank you for the feedback ! :wink: