Steam: gamepad not detected

I installed CLDM on 2 new computers. For the both I installed steam with package steam-launcher from “calculate” repository.

Steam works flawlessly :slight_smile: perfect :wink:
My only issue is that no gamepad is detected. I have 2 (one on each computer) gamepads (USB) detected by the system with lsusb, but in steam if I go to controler parameters “No device is detected”

Sorry the picture is in french but it means “No device detected” :slight_smile:

Do you have an advice to help me to enable my gamepad to work with steam please?

Should I add a specific USE, should I use the steam repository of gentoo, should I add a package, I am a bit lost to be honnest :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have a nice day,

Kenopir <3


In order to bring new data to my issue (USB Gamepad not detected by Steam), I think it is coming from MATE. I have a computer with XFCE (CLDX) and steam detect well the usb gamepad but with MATE (CLDM) it does not work (tested on 2 computers). All the systems are up to date. Do you think it is possible that something (package or USE) is missing in MATE currently?

Thanks in advance for your support <3.


Вот не знаю какой там из пакетов в крысе поддерживает ваш геймпад. Мне всегда казалось, что это вопрос флага USE=“+joystick” и поддержка ваших железок ядром.
Вариант: (геморрой)
Если Ваш геймпад работает под CLDX но хочется MATE - просто смотрим список пакетов MATE (, вносим их в сет (без версий), прописываем сет в /var/lib/portage/world_sets, обновляемся и стараемся ничего не удалять. Затем вырубаем автозагрузку и после ребута должно быть в списке это самое MATE.
И остаются пакеты из CLDX которые поддерживают ваш геймпад.

А через какое место ваш геймпад определяется стимом - ?

The CLDX and CLDM are on 2 different computers.
I crosschecked the packages between CDLX and CLDM (thanks for the advice) but I did not detected what is different in term of USB gamepad support.
Additional info: my issue is not link to Steam, my USb gamepads are “Not detected” in all my applications installed on the computer, but visible with lsusb.
Do you have an idea what can be missing on the system (CLDM) or in the kernel?
I have no idea where check :frowning:
In any case Thanks for your help.

It’s new:

I came from:

I keep thinking it’s either somewhere in the kernel (not necessarily a joystick driver/module, but support on the USB power bus) or in the firmware (kernel-blob)


I agree tit should be in the kernel, I am currently trying to customise it.
Thanks for the advice about the kernel options :+1:
I will keep you informed.

Everything was fine in the kernel (all the gamepad are enable bu Module). I see nothing bad also for USB.

But I finaly find! :slight_smile: (after severals weeks… lol) :slight_smile:
My user was not part of the group “input” and so steam just cannot access the gamepad. I added myself in the input group (usermod -G input -a $USER) and now steam can detect the gamepads :D.

Remark: Is it intentional than “input” is not part of the list of groups for a user during CLDM installation? It should be great if it can be added during installation process :slight_smile:

I am really happy, now it works! and I learn something :slight_smile:

Long life to the calculate and thanks to the CL team!


I find too.

joystick? (
udev? ( games-util/game-device-udev-rules )

IUSE=“+acl elogind systemd”
pkg_setup() {
if ! use acl; then
elog “Users of game hardware devices must be added to the input group.”

	if use elogind || use systemd; then
		ewarn "It is highly recommended that you enable USE=acl on this package instead"
		ewarn "when using elogind or systemd as this is more secure and just works."


Not everyone needs this. And not only in MATE. In your Xfce, the user was also added to the group not automatically.
But nevertheless, congratulations! You got to the bottom of the truth. (At least you know Zen? :slightly_smiling_face:)

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