Stable Version


I would like to know if i can stay and how long time in stable version with Calculate 11.3 (for exemple) ?

I am not sure to understand the point for rolling release. I mean that a server must be stable …
Someone can explain me please ?

Using a rolling-release update model, you have a system, whose software is updated continuously. Before stabilization of the new software is masked and is being tested. It may take a week to several months before the package is found to be stable.

Popular services can be customized with utilities Calculate. Accounts will be stored in LDAP, and managed using unix-like command cl-useradd, cl-passwd, cl-groupmod, etc. For the server, there are command cl-backup and cl-rebuild for backup and configuration of backup generation. This allows you to transfer the settings on a clean server or restore the system if necessary.

To install the server, use the latest available Stage image.