Someone with steam installed?

Forgive my English is not my language and I am using a translator.

Hi, I’m new in this release and is not as installing steam, anyone can help me with the installation?
Thank you.

Package in portage yet, but it is in the overlays. You can find the necessary overlay using this service

Example install Steam from the “gamerlay” overlay.

At the beginning, add the overlay and searchable database update “eix”:

layman -a gamerlay

Now required package is easy to find:

eix steam
* games-util/steam-launcher [1]
     Available versions:  ~^md
     Description:         Installer, launcher and supplementary files for Valve's Steam client

It is marked as unstable. This should not confuse you. Remove the mask:

emerge --autounmask-write games-util/steam-launcher

Confirm by pressing “u”.

Now you can install the program:

emerge games-util/steam-launcher

Note that running some games may be a message “Please install S3TC texture support”.

Find the required library is not difficult.

eix -S S3TC

P.S. So you can use overlay “steam”. Some of it’s time to install the program was difficult, due to the addition of new dependencies. But now in 64-bit systems the problem has already been solved.

layman -a steam
eix steam
emerge --autounmask-write games-util/steam-meta
emerge games-util/steam-meta

Solved! Thank you very much!

Спасибо, наилучший гид, по моему мнению )))