some strange error with Live DVD

I am Pretty new to Calculate I have been using it from live discs XFCE 14. ? and 15 32bit…which i found to work extremley well…I thought I would get the Latest xfce 15.12 to install…I tried the stage version which wouldnt run at all in Virtualbox…it would load but take a very long time …then seemed to Cycle between some splash screen and a half page of text saying " if you want to start a SSH server do xxxx"…i tried to input startx but it wouldnt work…

This isn’t too worrying as Vbox has never worked right

I then downloaed the stable release, checked the Hash which was correct…and Burnt it to DVD…

all loaded well until i spotted “Error” With syslog -ng

It carried on loadingand came to a Calculate# and cursor I typed in startx

This brought up:- Hostname lookup failure

/usr/bin/x error loading shared libraries usr/lib/libfree type so.6

and ended up wit Xinit giving up

(may have missed a few other lines but thats quite close)

I dont know what the problem is but it may be of some interest to you seeing it all verified in the hash

Is it possible for me to install the older versions I have and update to get the new version without to many problems…including qupzilla…or have to many things changed over the versions…

Thank you

What the stage version did you download?

Were you able to run CLDX-15.12?

Thank you for the quick reply

this is the Stage version I tried

cldx-20160219-i686.iso 19-Feb-2016 15:00 2G

I haven’t tried the Stable 15.12 yet …where I work has almost dial up type internet speeds…will try it when I return home in a day or 2…

14.**** and the 15 versions have had no issues

I tried to run cldx-20160219 on the VirtualBox platform: it`s work. Did you check digests of downloaded ISO image?