Some observations

The calculate theme and panel layout from the live iso got reverted to the default plasma ones after install. Not a huge deal but kinda odd.

Also the boot-up and shutdown image doesn’t scale well on multiple monitors and looks ugly idk if there’s anything that can be done about that aside from just disabling.

If you have already had user profile settings in /home, they will be saved. If not, you can reconfigure the session. To do this, logout, delete /home/, afterwards the user profile will be set up.

thanks. one more thing, “Local copy of remote index is up-to-date and will be used.” shows twice when you use emerge, i don’t know if that’s normal or not. it doesn’t matter much.

I can’t remember the reasons for the package manager’s behavior right now. I know that we have set a long time interval for caching the binary packet index so that it is updated synchronously with the portage update, not at each run of emerge.