Some News for May 2013

There are things that simply crave for being done. And once they are done, you wonder why on hell you’ve waited for so long before actually setting them right! This is a life truth, but the rule applies to machinery and OSes as well.

That’s what happened to the Calculate team this last Friday. Our revision system []{.for… .is .this .what .remember .still .you .hope} got everything ready for a smooth new boot. The services are not launched in the same order; in fact, they’re not even the same services! The parallel boot is on by default. Additional tests were implemented for network hosts, such as the PAM module that waits for the network to be up. CLDX nows runs LightDM instead of LXDM, to avoid fixing the sources (as LXDM uses its own authentication mechanisms… but I’ll spare you the details).

Just update your world and see :wink: