Some Christmas gifts, some New Year's resolutions

Calculate User Map

Yesterday was a day of glory (and don’t you dare say it sounds more like a day of narcissism): we launched the Calculate User Map service to see who our users are and where they’re from. Now don’t be shy to add yourself to the map! Small cute penguins you can see there are, precisely, the users who have already done so. Note that there are three species of them: Gurus, Developers and plain good Users. When you click on a penguin, the name and face of the user it represents pop up, the name being the direct link to the user’s profile.
You must be registered on Gravatar if you want the community to know what you look like :wink: Once you have uploaded and saved your Gravatar image, it will be available everywhere on Calculate Linux site. You can view the full map here.

International IRC chat… you said international?

Another important, though largely unnoticed event happened today: it had to do with our IRC online chat. From now on, besides the traditional English and Russian channels, any Calculate user can join a French, Spanish, Bulgarian or Ukranian channel if they speak any of these. In this new implementation of the service, you can choose the language you prefer, while not so long ago one was automatically directed either to the English or the Russian channel depending on whether they were perusing the English or the Russian section of the site. By the way, should we also translate the site to other languages, what do you think?

Calculate Linux 12: Main challenges

We may be releasing Calculate Linux 12 in March or April 2012. Be sure it will be a major release, with a good deal of additions and brand new features.
We’re currently working on Calculate Utilities 3 and hope our users be able to benifit from some of them in the next release. However, the server versions will still run on Calculate Utilities 2.1, or so we guess, some of the desktop versions will use CU 2.2… while the installer will indeed feature CU 3.0. The next year or two should be amply enough to finally let go CU 2 and switch to version three. This might be bound for Calculate Linux 13.0.

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