[solved] wireless network - failed to add/activate connection

error continouse:

(7) This access point /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/4 was not in the scan list.

Anybody knows what is going on with this and how to fix it, so I can use my wireless network on my laptop.

Thanks to everyone willing to help.

Hi Dirk,

Is this a fresh install of Calculate Linux? For a fresh install I find that I need to plug in a network cable to do the first update, which pulls down the required wireless driver (Broadcom in my case). Then after a restart NetworkManager is able to find my wireless.


Thank you for your reply Bill, I kind of shot my calculate install and will reinstall it tomorrow afternoon, will see what I get then :wink:

Just copied this text from the wireless post to this one :wink:

Will confirm this, hopefully after my reinstall tomorrow.

Fresh install and after reboot wireless works fine, thank you for your reply :wink: