[solved] updater failure - ValueError:I/O operation on closed file(pexpect.__init__:493)

Hi there,

the calculate updater shows updates available and when it check after openeing it fails to check dependencies and I get also the failure message :

ValueError:I/O operation on closed file(pexpect.init:493)

after it.

Any help :wink:



Can you try to update in console ?


Do you have the same error ?

Yes, the terminal script worked just fine and also asked for the unmerge function.

Hopefully this was just a single hickup :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help

Let’s try the next time with GUI updater.
The console sometimes save us :slight_smile:

Tried the graphical updater today and it didn’t work, it couldn’t pull information and quit with a crash.

Maybe you guys can have a look at it?

cl-update worked just fine though :wink:

I had the same error but all I had to do was to reboot and it worked for me.
Then there was another update yesterday and I had no issues.

rebooted now, waiting for an update ;) will post my results :)