[Solved] Times out to Log on Screen

I have Updated and emerged Deep world. So my system is up to date.
I noted that my log on sign changed to a New White login which fills in the User. Looks nice with the Calculate penguin logo.

However every 10 minutes or so my desktop times out to the log on Screen and I must sign in again. I don’t seem to have screen saver running anymore but I did before the upgrade. Now I can’t find the item in the menu. Power Manager is checked to Never shut off screen.

Edit: I reinstalled xscreensaver. I don’t know why it was uninstalled with the Upgrade.
I will watch to see what happens

Does anyone know why xscreensaver was uninstalled during Upgrade ?

Now, with xscreensaver reinstalled the Desktop times out to a ScreenSaver as before. Seems without Xscreesaver the system just times out to the Logon Screen… strange !

I will mark this as Solved but… I would like to know why xcreensaver was elilminated…