SOLVED Steam refuse to lauch on my CLDM

Hi Calculate team :slight_smile:

Since 2 days steam refuses to launch.

My CLDM is up to date. My graphic drivers are correctly selected (amdgpu here).

Do you have any advise or idea on what to do to repair my steam please?

Have a nice day!


echo sys-libs/libudev-compat abi_x86_32 > /etc/portage/package.use/steam
emerge -vq  sys-libs/libudev-compat

Hi , Thank you for your help.

However this package is not installed on my conputer and not on my others computers.
For information steam refuses to launch only on one computer, no issue on this others with Calculate installed.
I did something wrong on my main computer I guess :frowning:

Anyway if you have an idea it wiill be appreciated :sweat_smile: :pray:

Peace <3

I do not understand why but it fixed the issue :slight_smile: Thank you so Much NickM <3

Should sys-libs/libudev-compat be added as dependency of steam-launcher?

Enjoy! Peace!

Required a 32-bit library to work;

You have already added the flag and thus specified the dependency.

In the same thread, where this bug is discussed, one of the specialists indicated the dependency in His overlay:
games-util/steam-client-meta: Make libudev-compat[abi_x86_32] dep unc… · anyc/steam-overlay@6641eea · GitHub