Hello everyone, I installed Scribus on my calculate cld 64-bit, but the program is in English and the language preferences there are no other languages ​​(Italian) for a change.

mex4@calc4 ~/Documenti $ eix scribus
[I] app-office/scribus
     Available versions:  1.4.0-r2 ~1.4.1 ~1.4.1-r1 **1.4.9999 **9999 {{cairo debug examples linguas_af linguas_ar linguas_bg linguas_br linguas_ca linguas_cs_CZ linguas_cy linguas_da_DK linguas_de linguas_de_1901 linguas_de_CH linguas_el linguas_en_AU linguas_en_GB linguas_en_US linguas_es_ES linguas_et linguas_eu linguas_fi linguas_fr linguas_gl linguas_hu linguas_id linguas_it linguas_ja linguas_ko linguas_lt_LT linguas_nb_NO linguas_nl linguas_pl_PL linguas_pt linguas_pt_BR linguas_ru linguas_sa linguas_sk_SK linguas_sl linguas_sq linguas_sr linguas_sv linguas_th_TH linguas_tr linguas_uk linguas_zh_CN linguas_zh_TW +minimal +pdf spell templates}}
     Installed versions:  1.4.0-r2(08:52:33 03/10/2012)(cairo linguas_bg linguas_de linguas_fr linguas_it linguas_pt linguas_pt_BR linguas_ru linguas_uk minimal pdf spell -debug -examples -linguas_af -linguas_ar -linguas_br -linguas_ca -linguas_cs_CZ -linguas_cy -linguas_da_DK -linguas_de_1901 -linguas_de_CH -linguas_el -linguas_en_AU -linguas_en_GB -linguas_en_US -linguas_es_ES -linguas_et -linguas_eu -linguas_fi -linguas_gl -linguas_hu -linguas_id -linguas_ja -linguas_ko -linguas_lt_LT -linguas_nb_NO -linguas_nl -linguas_pl_PL -linguas_sa -linguas_sk_SK -linguas_sl -linguas_sq -linguas_sr -linguas_sv -linguas_th_TH -linguas_tr -linguas_zh_CN -linguas_zh_TW -templates)
     Homepage:            http://www.scribus.net/
     Description:         Desktop publishing (DTP) and layout program

mex4@calc4 ~/Documenti $ 


Have you set your linguas (language) in your /etc/make.conf to Italian?

Doing so will limit your computer to only accepting/loading Italian… Or at least that’s my impression

Having just had a look at the scribus, I notice the site has a forums page.
Without wanting to detract from the generous and helpful advice given here, you will probably find more exact assistance through those forums.
By the way, thanks for the reference. I might download it myself.

echo “app-office/scribus -linguas_bg -linguas_de -linguas_fr linguas_it -linguas_pt -linguas_pt_BR -linguas_ru -linguas_uk” >> /etc/portage/package.use/custom

emerge -DNu world