[Solved] Problems with IExplorer in WINE

Yep! Due to company site requirements I must sometimes use IExplorer 7 to connect to a Company Site.

I have tried the Standard WINE tools but like CodeWeavers CrossOver. http://www.codeweavers.com/

Anyhow, once installed I can enter and use the Company site with IExplorer 7 or 6.
However, with IExplorer via WINE installed in Calculate I will not have full functonality in the site and the IExplorer will Crash occasionally.

If anyone cares to to download the CrossOver Trial version which Installs and Uninstalls quickly see if you get these same crashes.
I am interested as I do not get these IExplorer Crashes with Debian, Sabayon, Arch, Slackware, Vector, Ubuntu…
but I do in Calculate LINUX. This seems to be the Only bad mark I can give Calculate for myself as a User.
Of course for those not using a WINE IExplorer no problem. I suspect few people do use one.

But the APP is an important one for me Daily.

Ok Solved!
Apparently, my company has two separate Portal addresses which read Very similar.
Such as Mycompanyportal1.com and Mycompayportal2.com
These are not the actual addresses of course but examples. The point being that as you can see the addresses only differ by “1” and “2” in the url.

So, If I use “2” instead of “1” the connection and the stability improves dramatically and I am able to work via a “2” connection. The answer is that the Problem was with the Company URL and Not CrossOver IExplorer install nor Gentoo.

So will mark solved.