[Solved] Problem: Kdenlive in english and I want it in spanish

Hi, i’m newbie and my english is bad. I speak spanish.

I have KDE in Spanish! I have problem with kdenlive (it’s in english and I want it in spanish).

I configured /etc/portage/make.conf/custom with: LINGUAS=“es_CL es es_ES en” and nothing!

I configured /etc/portage/package.use/custom with: >=media-video/kdenlive-0.9.8 linguas_es and after with: >=media-video/kdenlive-0.9.8 LINGUAS=“es” and nothing!

I tried with: LINGUAS=“es” emerge kdenlive and LINGUAS=“es” emerge =media-video/kdenlive-0.9.8 and nothing!

all the options install a binary and not a ebuild.

Thanks in advance!


Try with :

-linguas_* linguas_es


www-client/firefox-bin -linguas_* linguas_fr

Use always “-linguas_*” to unlock another language and specify only your language after.


XKomodor | Julien

thanks for replying. It did not work. Still downloading the binary and not the ebuild.

Solved (partially).
I had to downgrade the version. The version 0.9.8 does not allow the use of linguas, while than version 0.9.2 if allowed. Now with kdenlive-0.9.2 is in spanish.