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[Solved] No sound in dosbox - Need help :)

I am using CLDM up to date.
Sound driver is pipewire (verified with cl-setup-audio).
Dosbox version=0.74.3
Issue: No sound in my old DOS games (the games are ok because already tested severals times since the last 20 years :D)
Sound is working fine with others softwares (firefox, steam…).
Do not know if it linked to pipewire or not.
Do you have and advise to help me recovering sound with dosbox please?
Peace <3

Hello. You may try to declare SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio variable in command line before dosbox, if it works well with pulseaudio before.

Thanks a lot it works :slight_smile: <3

It’s will be fixed soon by the Calculate devs, but for now you may use this workaround.

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