[Solved]Moving a file to system folder

I attempted to copy a file to /var/calculate/remote/distfiles/ in order to install it
but couldn’t do so because I am not logged in as root and wasn’t able to change the permissions.

How can I open Thunar as root in order to place a bin file there?

Or, is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

After I realized that I could open Thunar from a # terminal, I opened Thunar from it and transferred my file.

I installed Wine and it works for one application but not for another, so I decided to install Crossover also but was unable to do so.

So I downloaded a bin version that I had already purchased some time ago and am going to try installing that. (That version was not listed by eix).

I installed CLDX a few days ago and so far so good.