SOLVED Kernel upgrade and nvidia driver

(Sorry for the bad english)

After an update (Calculate console/Update the system) it install a new kernel version 4.1.10 (previous 3.18.20).
When i boot onto 4.1.10 there is not gui (the nvidia 340.93 no seems to be install, it was installing in 3.18.20).
From console:

.# uname -r

.# eselect kernel list
Available kernel symlink targets:
[1] linux-3.18.20-calculate
[2] linux-4.1.10-calculate *

.# emerge -v x11-drivers/nvidia/drivers

The symlink /usr/src/linux point to linux-4.1.10-calculate. The driver install for 3.18.20, not for 4.1.10.
What is wrong? Why it no install for 4.1.10?
I need help, thanks

New nvidia driver not support old video cards.
For fix you need use old drivers.

echo ">=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-340.93.00" > /etc/portage/package.mask/nvidia-drivers
emerge --usepkg-exclude 'x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers' nvidia-drivers

Thanks. This is not the problem. In first post I say about nvidia 340.93.

Content of /etc/portage/package.mask/nvidia:

= x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-341.0.0

The real problem: when i boot onto 4.1.10-calculate and i install nvidia-driver (mask >= 341), emerge install
nvidia kernel module (340.93) for 3.18.20-calculate (previous kernel). The solution: install nvidia kernel
module for 4.1.10. Howto? Why it install for 3.18.20 if i boot onto 4.1.10?

I force emerge to build the package (adding the flag tools to package.use). When install i disabled flag.
What option can i use to force emerge to prefer ebuild over binary?

for a long time I used kernel 3.14* and later 3.18*,
because of the nvidia GTS250 in my system. A legacy card, nvidia supports only 340.96-r5.
Lately I installed a calculate-sources-4.4.9 and GLX is working with this driver.
Wil this work on all calculate-sources???

thank you

hallo again,
found out today by downloading CLD daily, it works also for 4.4.14 :wink: big smile!!!