[Solved] KDE Networkmanager / openconnect option missing from VPN config tab.

I have installed openconnect ver. 4.07. It works (from command line) but the KDE plasma network widget doesn’t offer openconnect as an option on the VPN configuration tab. I believe this to be because openconnect was not present on the machine that built the network manager. I have done this:

emerge kde-misc/networkmanagement

And yet network manager doesn’t show an opeconnect option in the VPN tab.

Am I rebuilding the correct package?
Other suggestions?
Can support for openconnect be included in CLD KDE?

After emerge -uDN world I now have networkmanagement installed and the openconnect option is available in the widget.

The latest version of openconnect.
Not available as an ebuild (that I could find) so I made one based on an older version.