[Solved] How to Install HPLIP-GUI/Devise Manager or Toolbox

I have been trying to figure this out for the last two weeks. Does this have to be compiled and configured from the Portage Tree? Can someone help and point me in the right direction? I do have the printer installed and working. Just no GUI.

I’m new to Calculate/Gentoo (much to learn); but I am enjoying what you all have to offer in KDE. It is running awesome!

Thanks in advance for any help =-)

Dell OptiPlex 980 SFF Tower
Intel Quad Core i5 1st Gen. CPU 660 @ 3.33GHz
8 GiB Ram

Just install this package using

(switch to su or use sudo)
emerge hplip

I don’t know why there is no shortcut to GUI, but it’s still available from command line. In plasma there is one nice thing called krunner

  • press alt + space
  • type hp-toolbox
  • run it …
  • and you’ll see gui of hplip.
    By the way there should be drivers for many printers even without hplip.

Plasma printer config app is well … not best. You can create group lpadmin and add self to it, so it won’t spam you with password prompts

(switch to su or use sudo)
groupadd lpadmin
usermod -aG lpadmin <user_name>

Useful link

Okay that worked with krunner. I do have hplip and cups installed. I was able to add cups net and hp net through the Porthole frontend. This will do for now. I do use the toobox gui to view ink levels and such. I will maybe look toward adding the lpadadmin later.

Thanks for the help. =-)